Terms and conditions of using the application

The terms of use of the LastPoint Driver App platform referred to as (the application) that is managed and owned by (Last Point Company Ltd.) (referred to as the “company”) apply to all users of the application and directly the drivers participating in the service, your entry into the application or registration in it constitutes your agreement to the terms And the following provisions and any other relevant policies, terms, conditions and notifications, and the service subscription agreement for the driver, accordingly. If you do not fully agree to the terms of use, you must refrain from entering the application, or entering it, or registering in it.

First: registration

1- Registration with the real name recorded in the official proof is required to use the application and its services, you must register by entering the application and creating a user account and a password as a subscriber hereinafter referred to as (the driver), and we will enable you to access the delivery orders available on the application.

2- The driver must have a mobile device with the Android store loaded in order to enter the store, download the application, register in it, and activate the account.

3- The application must specify the times available for the execution of delivery orders, as well as the spatial scope for that.

4- The driver must come to the headquarters of the first party in order to sign this contract and receive training on using the application and benefiting from the subscription.

5- The driver must provide the company with a copy of the supporting documents and the proof of the bank account signed by a local bank.

6- If the documents are completed, the subscription will be activated, and the company has the right to request any additional guarantees.

7- The driver undertakes that he has completed the legal age required to activate the subscription, that he has a valid driver’s license, and that the information he provided to the company for registration purposes is considered at the time you supply it to be current, complete, accurate, and not misleading or deceptive. All personal information that you provide to us when you use the application will be used and kept in accordance with the company’s privacy policy, and some information may be shown to the beneficiaries for the purpose of implementing the service.

8- The driver undertakes to use the application for the purpose for which it was created and does not have the right to use the application otherwise, otherwise he shall be responsible for any loss or damage that results from the fraudulent use and the company disclaims its full responsibility from all claims that arise from the unauthorized use of the password.

9 – The driver and the company may terminate the registration at any time for any reason without written notification. Once your registration is terminated by the company, you will not be able to access any part of the application intended for registered users without the prior consent of the company. In the event of termination by the driver, the company must be reviewed and the certificate delivered.

10 – In the event that your subscription is suspended for any reason, the company will take the necessary measures to deliver the shipments that were referred to you to the beneficiaries and the company has not been charged with any fees from you.

11- The nature of the contract is a mediating relationship between two parties only, and there are no driver’s rights other than those mentioned in the “driver service subscription contract” that is signed separately.

Second: Intellectual Property Rights:

1- All content contained in the application, including but not limited to text, graphic shapes, logos, button icons, images, software, movies, audio clips, downloads, graphic interfaces, code and software transfers, trade secrets, trademarks, trade names, work method, prices, and all the content on the application is owned. Exclusively for the company and protected under local and international laws for intellectual property such as copyrights, copying and publishing rights, trademarks, industrial models and other laws in force.

2- It is not permissible to copy, reproduce, modify, broadcast, store or exploit any part of the application for commercial gain as part of any other application or website or in any other image, whether electronic or other, without obtaining the prior written consent of The company, however, you may print extracts from the application for internal use to achieve the purpose of the subscription.

Third: Using the application

1- The driver understands that any unauthorized use of the application may lead to a violation of intellectual property laws, privacy laws, communications and information technology regulations and legislation, and in the event that any party decides to file a complaint to the official authorities, he shall bear the consequences of that driver alone.

2- Using the application for any purpose that differs from its intended purpose is sufficient reason for the company to close the driver’s account and cancel the subscription with the driver remaining responsible in the event that this unauthorized use leads to other damages.

3- The company grants you, subject to your compliance with these terms, a limited, non-exclusive license that cannot be sublicensed and cannot be transferred to another person and is revocable, in order to: (1) Access and use applications on your personal mobile in relation to your use of the services only; And (2) access to any of the content, information and related materials that may be provided through the services and their use, and in all these cases the use is only personal and non-commercial for others.

Fourth: Connecting

1- The contents of the application may include links to websites or other applications and are referred to as related links. These links are provided in the application for convenience only and these links are not usually under the control of the company.

2- The driver acknowledges that by using or relying on any of the other applications or linked websites, it is at the driver’s own responsibility, for example, the Google Maps application, WhatsApp, supplier sites … and others.

Fifth: fees

1- All prices mentioned on the application are accurate to the knowledge of the company at the time of their availability, in the event that the driver suspects that the prices are different, he must stop delivering the shipment and contact the company to investigate the matter, especially in the (payment on receipt) service.